The brilliant new Elite HD Varifocal lenses

This is the best varifocal we have supplied so far.

We have just started offering our new Elite HD varifocal lens. It's been the most successful lens we've done so far with over 99% acceptance.

Converting from all brands of high end varifocal has caused no issues and in many cases customers have preferred this new type!

So some technical information!.

The Elite HD provides optimal viewing comfort for every visual range and activity, with special attention paid to comfortable sharp focus in the 40cm-70cm range which is needed for viewing today's handheld devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops. The unique Ray Path Technology allows natural head movement to view images and fine text on the devices. It offers up to 20% more addition power than standard progressive lenses in the 40cm-70cm vision range.

The Elite HD offers up to a 20% wider reading area with full addition and a 20% wider intermediate area, thereby offering extra viewing comfort for digital devices and easy transitions between lens zones.

This combined with the Blue-V coating provides the perfect optical solution for all our needs.

        Standard Varifocal                                                                                         Elite HD

The Elite HD is available in all lens materials including high index, clear, tinted, transitions and all the coatings too.

Prices start at £130. They can be ordered via the website.