Ultra-Clean coating a must for the winter

Ultra-clean? (UC)

What is ultra-clean? This is a coating that is added over the top of the anti-glare/scratch coating. It reduces the static on the lens surface so dust isn't attracted to the lens. It is hydrophobic so repells water and reduces the misting up of the lenses when going from hot to cold.

Once you've had this coating you'll never have anything else, it really is that good!

We charge only £5 per pair more for this than the standard anti-glare/scratch coating. For all Blue-V coated lenses the Ultra-clean is included.

It has become, over the years,  the default coating for our customers, we're still surprised to see the multiple giants like Specsavers still not embracing products like this! We've been selling it for nearly 10 years!

less cleaning of your lenses means less handling, so frames and lenses last longer.

This coating can be added to any of the lens types we sell (apart from the mirror coated lenses) and is well worth the cost.