No extra charges for rimless glazing!

Rimless Glazing.

Rimless glazing often attracts a surcharge because of the extra time and skill involved in the preparation, glazing and assembly of the frame.

From the outset, 10 years ago, we decided to have a transparent and simple pricing structure, where the customer isn't penalised financially because of the type of frame they'd like to have reglazed.

You'll often see on the net, a surcharge of anything up to £40 for this type of glazing with a strict policy on the type of lens that has to be used.

We used CNC glazing systems that can replicate the holes and notches exactly. Customers often request slight shape changes to the shape of the new lens, this can be done also.

We have a video that shoes how the process is performed.


We can reglaze most rimless frames, even if your optician or other on-line retailers suggest otherwise.

We have done very complicated frames from Silhouette and Lindberg and TAG.


Please feel free to ring and discuss the options available.

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