DISCOUNT CODES and the 'Customer Login'.

Discount Codes.

We often offer discount codes directly to those customers who have registered on our website with the 'My Records'. These are often contained with a newsletter, please register so that you can take full benefit of these codes.

A quick guide to using the 'My Records'.

To all those that have used us before, you'll notice we have a new 'customer portal'.

If you've ordered with us before the new website came on-line, you'll need to 'Register' to take advantage of the new system. If you register with the same email address used with your previous orders these will appear in 'View My Orders'.

Once you registered , set the password and checked your details are fine, the add your prescription to the 'Edit My Prescription' . Once this is done whenever your order it will automatically the prescription to your order. You can change and edit the powers if you have a new sight test.

You can use the  'Re-Order' button from any previous order in your view my records, it will fill in the prescription and generate an identical order, you can or course change any aspect of the order should you wish.

We can't access your 'My Records' at all or any quotes you may have.

You can always ring to speak to us regarding any order or for advice on lens choice.