Customer Comments

We use Feefo for most of our reviews, but customers often send in a comment unprompted!


June 2017

' Very professional fast and friendly service '

I would certainly use them again and have already recommended them to a friend


Email 19th August


Just to say a big thank you.  I’m delighted with my first varifocal re-glaze.

I received excellent advice when calling you – no hard sell, and equally willing to talk in simple terms or more technical jargon.  I really cannot fault your service.  If only other companies were such a pleasure to deal with.

My XtrActive Elite HD in standard Thin index with Ultra Clear coating are so much better the high-street optician dispensed top-of-the-range lens they have replaced.  They are way thinner and astonishingly light, this in spite of my prescription having increased half a dioptre over the six years.  The entire pair of spectacles seem to weigh less than the old pair of lenses!  The distortions and out-of-field astigmatism are also much less than the Zeiss / Jai Kudo Wideview Signature lenses they have replaced, in fact I’d go as far as to say your Elite HD lenses suffer from zero distracting issues – a first for varifocals for me.  The “Stay Clean 2” coating on the expensive forerunners simply didn’t work, it was neither oleo nor hydro phobic, and it smeared given the slightest excuse, but your Ultra Clear coating actually works, repelling dust and smears remarkably well.  The superb optical quality and light weight are absolute boons – I’d hoped for at least like-for-like but you have surpassed that by a country mile.

Thank you!



Feeo 17th August

Very happy with service received

I have used Ciliary Blue several times and have never been disappointed. Reglazed glasses received far quicker than new glasses from Boots Opticians whom I now only use for eye tests.


Email 16th august

I have just received my 2 nd pair of reglazed oakley turbine polarised with flame mirrored lens (after a few days away). They are the absolute nuts !!! Great service and no problems as usual with you guys ! Only problem I have now is, I have only got one head and 2 ears so have the almost impossible task of deciding which pair to wear on a daily basis. I have already started my search for my 3 rd pair. Oakley glasses are now so much more attainable/affordable thanks to you guys. Will be in touch soon with my normal can you ? email. Thanks again and please thank everyone involved for doing such a good job. Cheers Dez


Email July 29th.

Have finally got round to placing my next order for oakley reglaze from you guys ! Literally have to surgically remove my first pair when it's dark ! Think I would probably wear then to bed but wife would defo object ! 



Feefo, 28th July.

"I can not recommend Cillaryblue highly enough. Fantastic service, definatly use them again."

A really quick, top quality service. Packaging arrived in no time at all ready for me to send my glasses off. I sent them on Tuesday morning, got my glasses back Friday. Due to my own stupidity I didn't read the website correctly and I ordered a 50% tint but really needed the 85% tint for sunglasses. I contacted Cillaryblue via their website to explain. I had a reply back early the next day. They advised me to send the glasses back to them and they would sort it for me. So I did, and they did, free of charge and really quickly. The new lenses are perfect. I can not recommend Cillaryblue highly enough.


Email 19th:

Just received my turbine grey polarised silver mirrored turbines back !! Amazing ! Well happy ! Great job ! Thank you very much ! Have already recommended you to a few of my friends. Defo second pair in the offing - order will follow in the next few days once I have decided on frames. Thanks again keep up the good work ! What about a regular user discount ?? Dez



Feefo 17th July:

Great service, very professional job

had to have my lenses changed on my designer sunglasses and what a great job they did! Very efficient and speedy. I would definitely recommend and use them again.



Feefo 17th July:

The very best way to revitalise your glasses.

Excellent service from start to the finished product and returned in the promised time allocation.

Feefo 16th July

"Randolph Engineering Sunglasses."

Thanks Chris so much for explaining what you could do for my sunglasses. The job was completed very quickly and to my great satisfaction. I will use the company again and recommend to friends. Bob.


Facebook 15th July:

Brilliant. Just received glasses back. Did exactly what I wanted at a great price. Many thanks.


Feefo 15th July:

Briiliant and very quick service from ordering to final delivery

Ordering easy, quick return of prepaid box, fast return of completed re lens'd glasses at very keen prices. Superb overall service 10/10


Feefo: 14th July:

This is a no brainer, save lots of cash over Opticians price.

Excellent communication from start to finish. glasses delivered as promised within 10 days. Saved me £180 from opticians price for my own frames.' Feefo.

Emailed 14th July

Good afternoon


I just wanted to email and say how delighted I am with my glasses, they are brilliant Having worked as an optical assistant previously for many years, I must say I was a little weary of an online service, but thought what the heck I'll give it a go, and I'm so pleased I have, they are glazed beautifully, the lenses are lovely and thin for 1.6 index, in fact thinner looking than my last pair which were a lesser RX.  Also your service is quicker than many high street opticians.


All that's left to say is a big thank you, I am now a convert to your service and will be sending you a few more pairs as and when.


Feefo: 13th July

I order replacement lens for my husband when the quote I had from my optician was £50 a pair. Ordered from this company and swiftly sent them off for a replacement. Came back a day later in perfect condition. Very pleased with delivery and the cost which was £35 LESS per pair than my optician's. Great quality and super fast service. Will be using them to replace the lens in my own spectacles.


Feefo 13th July

Won Over

Excellent work with my re-glazed Ray-Bans. The polarised and pewter-mirrored lenses are exactly what I hoped for: great colours and contrast for the wearer and great eye-candy material for the onlooker. It's as if I bought an updated, more fashionable pair at a fraction of the price. A pity that the shield-lens Versace was not suitable for reglazing though - it would have been perfection if it were. Ah well, if the relevant technological advancement comes to be, do give a shout-out and I'll be first in line. Thank you for being extremely contactable and responsive to queries as well. This gave me all the assurance I needed for sending my sunglasses off into the postal abyss. Overall, very professional. Well done!


Feefo May.

I purchased a set of green transitional prescription lenses (superb must try these) to fit into a pair of Persol spectacles. Wow! Everyone remarks how amazing they actually look, and can't believe that they are prescription lenses. Ciliaryblue were my first choice for re-lensing as their service and keen prices are nothing short of exemplary. Give Ciliaryblue a won't be disappointed.


Feefo May:

I sent my new frames to be re-glazed with their highest level of varifocals with a high complicated prescription. After over 10 years of wearing varifocals to include my prescription, always problems with General High street opticians and the more expensive end of the scale. I can say without a doubt say these are the lightest and best lense I've ever experienced. Keep it up Ciliaryblue!