Polarized Lenses

Polarized Lenses

We supply polarized lenses in most lens types, and in most lens indexes. They are tinted to a full suntint (85%) level and will block all UVA/B. 

Along with blocking light by way of tinting they also block reflected light, this may be from any surface from water to the road ahead. They will enhance contrast too. With all these benefits they are regarded by most Opticians as the best tinted lenses available.


They are though more expensive than standard tinted lenses and cost from £55 with us. They come with anti-scratch as standard but are avaialable with all the usual coatings like MAR and UC. 

Many customers go for the mirror coating too as they give a great cosmetic appearance, so look and work brilliantly.

(Grey Polarized with Green Mirror)

Polarized are great for all uses from sports to occasional wear!


Feel free to ring and discuss availability, costs etc. Please ring on the usual number 01455 293417 or email to info@ciliaryblue.com.