Reglaze Your Sunglasses

Reglaze Your Sunglasses

The clocks have now gone forward and so the interest in tinted lenses increases, it's the same every year!

Very often sunglasses get the hardest treated, cleaned with a beach towel, smeared with sun-cream, left languishing around in the bottom of the beach-bag. 

Sea water is the worst, it will if left on the lenses damage the UV/anti-scratch coating on the lenses, leaving them marked and pitted. Once the lenses are like this they need to be replaced.

If you have bought over the counter glasses finding replacement lenses can be very difficult. The high street are reluctant to change the lenses for you.

We tend to becosame very attached to our favourite pair of sunglasses, they're like an old pair of slippers! so reglazing really is the best option.

Doing curved frames the new flat fronted mirrors (coming soon) orspecialized Oakley frames are all possible.

Ciliaryblue are happy to do them of course, we can do all types, tinted, polarized, transitions, mirror coatings..... the list is almost limitless. Have a look at the website!

Feel free to call us to go over the options, we are always here to help.

Here are a couple of our new mirror colours, green and sapphire. Lovely!