Prescription Questions


. How do I get my prescription?

When you have your eyes tested by an Optician you must be given a copy of your new spectacle prescription. You can always request a copy later but they may charge you for it.


. How long is my prescription valid for?

Your prescription is usually valid for 2 years unless otherwise stated by your optician


. What if my prescription is out of your range?

If your prescription falls outside our available lens ranges use the form on the ‘contact page’ to enter the relevant details and we will contact you with possible alternatives. We can process and reglaze most prescriptions however large or small.


. I can’t understand the writing on my prescription?

We require a copy of the prescription, to be sent with the frames, so we can check it when it is received.


. What happens if my prescription from the Optician is incorrect?

Our Optician  will determine where the error has occurred, and will speak with the prescribing Optician to determine the course of action.


. Can I make a mistake filling in my prescription details?

No, we only work from the signed prescription from your Optician. So even if you make a mistake, we will correct it before we make the glasses for you.


.Why does the price change if my 'Cyl' power is over +/-2.00?

The prescription power does determine the price of the lenses. If you have a cyl power great than +/-2.00 it will add £5 per lens. The lenses have to be specially made and will take longer to process. The sphere power greater than +/- 8.00 will also attract the same charge. We will not charge for both being out of range. The most you can be charged is £5 per lens.


. What happens if I enter the prescription incorrectly?

All lenses ordered on the website will be checked against the prescription sent to confirm the correct lenses are put into the frames. If a mistake has been made we will reorder at now extra cost to you.


. Can I use my contact lens prescription?

If you wear contact lenses you will be given a copy of your contact lens specification as well as your spectacle prescription, these are often different, so we cannot use this.


. What does V/A mean on my prescription?

V/A stands for visual acuity and is a measure of what you can see on the test chart. Some people will have heard of 20/20 vision this is the same as 6/6 in the UK (we measure at 6 meters others at 20 feet!). We don't need the distance or near V/A numbers for the lens order so please leave these figures off the order.