Adaptive mirror.

Choose any Transition Material then choose the mirror option, Unique and Brilliant. Prices from £105

As reviewed by Single Track World Magazine. See the link Here

Perfect for Oakley sports glasses.

New colour adaptive mirror, Green Transition with Flame Red Mirror. The best combination yet, truly amazing! Left un-reacted, right reacted!!


We have had a pair of transition lenses made with a mirror coating, the results are amazing!

In it's clear state, the mirror is hardly visible! These are XtrActive Grey, in standard index, with a rear surface anti-glare coating!

Go out in the sun, and see what happens!



We have reacted the lens, but covered half so that the contrast is easier to see.

As the lens darkens in the sun, the mirror, (blue in this case) becomes more and more visible until it is a full mirror. While still blocking all UV!


We have all here, been in optics for many years and we all love the ways these work! We are all putting our orders in!

Costs? The transition price with the additional cost for the mirror, as per our standard pricing!







Perfect for all, drivers, cyclists, sports and sunglass wearers.

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